Prayer through Art



-B.F.A., (studio art) Kutztown            University of      Pennsylvania, Kutztown, PA, 2011               (printmaking concentration)

-Hatboro Union Library Art and                   Wine Festival, Hatboro Union Library, Hatboro, PA 2017

Art at the Old Mill, The Old Mill, Hatboro, PA 2015

-*Direction, McFarland Student Union Art Gallery, Kutztown University of              Pennsylvania, 2011  
-Willow Grove United Methodist Church (first and Second) Annual Art Show, Willow Grove, PA 2011 and 2012
-The Children's Home of Reading, PA, (five murals, one is a collaboration with 
Kate Toussaint)
-First Baptist Church of Wycombe, PA, (mural collaboration with   
 Kate Toussaint)
-Martin's Deli, Philadelphia, PA(mural collaboration with Kate Toussaint and other volunteers)
Updated: 12/3/2017

Artist's Statement

  My drive to make art is born from a desire to amplify the great voice of our Creator, and the meaning of His Words.  I strive to be an instrument of God’s grace and love for this broken world by visually reflecting God’s great creation, and His perfect scriptures.

   One way that I do this is by portraying scenes of places or actions connected to personal memories, whether of my own or of the viewer’s. Often portraits of loved ones, family homes or vacation spots are commissioned from me as gifts to loved ones and friends. Reactions to these personally significant, visually dramatic images is often emotional. They serve as a therapeutic way of immortalizing a wealth of memories, and lessons. And keeping these monuments as a reminder to reflect on the past can teach us new lessons about the present and future.

   The other side of my work is visually interpreting what I imagine Biblical, or Biblically inspired scenes and symbols to be like and the lessons that they teach. Art-making, for me, is a way to reflect on the character and will of the Lord and to express those reflections, even as they unfold, in a physical and engaging artifact for others to see and reflect on.

   The mood of the work is also pushed to exemplify the emotions conjured by the scenes. Consequently, the work is diverse in concept and style. Deep foreshortening, strong directional light, and Christian symbolism unify much of my work.  My recent work is largely in watercolor and acrylic but I’m still enthusiastic about mediums that I’ve worked more with in the past, such as drawing and printmaking.  Artists that I draw inspiration from, either philosophically or stylistically, are Thomas Cole, Rembrandt, Gustave Dore, and Vincent Van Gogh as well as current artists, like Pat Marvenko Smith.  

I work to express the Christian search to direct our hearts, thoughts, and lives toward Jesus, and the desire to explain our beliefs and philosophies to others.